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  • In April 2014, the firm successfully defended an emergency room physician in Catawba County. It was alleged that the physician failed to diagnose bowel ischemia and prematurely discharged the patient. She died nine hours later from sudden cardiac collapse. The defense demonstrated that decedent had no signs or symptoms of bowel ischemia when she was seen by the physician. The jury returned a verdict of no negligence on the part of the physician. Gray Wilson headed up the trial team.
  • In March 2014, Gray Wilson defended a case alleging medical negligence by an obstetrician in Greensboro. It was contended that the physician failed to timely perform a cesarean section, as a result of which a child suffered neurological damage and cerebral palsy. Plaintiff sought damages in excess of $20 million. After two weeks of trial, the attorneys moved to strike plaintiff’s sole standard of care witness on the ground that he could not qualify as an expert. The court agreed and struck the expert, and plaintiff voluntarily dismissed her case.
  • In October 2013, partners Gray Wilson and Linda Helms obtained a defense verdict for a local obstetrician in a protracted medical malpractice case involving a baby born with cerebral palsy, allegedly related to intrapartum birth asphyxia with resulting hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. The four week trial, involving numerous medical experts in various specialties, and in which damages in excess of $10 million was sought, concluded after a two hour jury deliberation resulted in a finding of no negligence as to all defendants.
  • In September 2012, the firm successfully defended two local obstetricians and their practice against a medical malpractice claim brought on behalf of an infant who sustained a brachial plexus injury following a delivery complicated by shoulder dystocia in 2008. At the conclusion of the trial, a verdict was returned in favor of defendants, finding no negligence. Linda Helms led the trial team.
  • In August 2012, the firm obtained a favorable settlement for a local business in a check fraud case against SunTrust bank. The firm’s client alleged that SunTrust had converted approximately $655,000 in stolen checks under N.C.G.S. 25-3-420. The firm’s client also alleged that SunTrust committed gross negligence and unfair trade practices in taking the stolen checks.
  • In June 2012, the firm successfully defended a local obstetrician and his clinic against a medical malpractice claim brought on behalf of an infant born with cerebral palsy following a protracted labor in April 2007. Following a six-week jury trial in Winston Salem, a verdict was returned in favor of defendants. The trial team was headed up by partners Gray Wilson and Linda Helms. Plaintiffs’ counsel made a plea for unspecified damages in excess of $7,000,000.
  • A minor plaintiff and his parents sought catastrophic damages for severe neurological impairment attributed to a delay in performing a cesarean section against a local obstetrician and his clinic. Following a six-week trial, a jury verdict in favor of all defendants was returned.
  • A minor plaintiff and his parents sought damages for a shoulder dystocia with resulting permanent injury to an arm following a difficult delivery by a local obstetrician. A jury verdict for defendant was returned following a two-week trial.
  • A plaintiff claiming an incomplete vasectomy resulting in an unwanted pregnancy sued Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The trial court entered summary judgment, dismissing plaintiff’s case for failure to present any competent evidence of a causal link between the procedure and the later pregnancy.
  • A lawsuit seeking substantial damages against the seller of a drug store based on a claim that the interest on the purchase price was usurious and that the sale amounted to an unfair trade practice was dismissed with prejudice on the face of the pleading by the trial judge in Stanly County.
  • Jury returns verdict in favor of physician on patient’s claim that a spinal injection for pain relief caused spinal cord injury.
  • Defense verdict for local obstetrician on allegations that delivery of the baby was delayed leading to asphyxia in the infant. Plaintiff claimed the delay in delivery caused severe neurological impairments and cerebral palsy.
  • Industrial Commission finds claims against City of Winston Salem not compensable because employee failed to prove that her alleged injury occurred at work since she reported multiple different dates and at least two different areas of alleged injury.
  • A college student sought damages for the alleged failure to diagnose bilateral hip fractures. The jury’s verdict found the physician not liable when the hip fractures occurred during a seizure, which also caused multiple spinal fractures and a hematoma that likely explained the lower extremity paralysis.
  • Industrial Commission finds claim for carpal tunnel syndrome by a parking attendant to be not compensable because claimant failed to prove that her job was sufficiently repetitive to cause this type of occupational disease.
  • A minor child and his parents sought extensive damages from the delivering obstetrician and his practice for alleged birth related injuries following a placental abruption. Gray Wilson and Linda Helms successfully defended these defendants in Iredell County with the jury returning a verdict in favor of the defendants and finding no negligence.
  • Jury returns verdict in favor of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and physician who cared for child who suffered birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy diagnosis. Federal court finds insurance company not responsible for damage to homes resulting from Tropical Depression Ivan.
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